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January 2013  

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Steamcon V!
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
10:09am 09/01/2013
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society

We're live! The Steamcon V website is up! You can now go and buy a membership, a special event ticket, rent a hotel room or read the F.A.Q. We will have lots more information going up as we figure things out. Go and check it out!

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Steampunk Girl pins!
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
10:06am 10/12/2012
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society
There are steampunk girl pins based on my designs available at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle. You can read the full story here.
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Seattle Steampunk University and Store!
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
12:30pm 03/08/2012
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society

12:00 – 1:00 – Intro to Steampunk: Diana Vick will give you an overview of how it all began and her take on the genre, subculture and aesthetic of steampunk.

1:00 – 2:00 – How to Dress Steampunk: Liz Spain says that your perfect steampunk outfit may be hiding in your closet! Learn how to find and alter easy-to-find inexpensive clothing to create sartorial fabulousness for all genders.

2:00 – 3:00 – Prop making: Tony Hicks aka Shamus Tinplate and Sean Forbes will show you their fabulous gadgets and talk to you about their process.

3:00 – 4:00 – Leather working & Goggle making: Mac McGowan of SteamBaby has been doing leather work of various kinds for many years. In this talk he will cover some basic leatherworking ideas and show some tips and hints for goggle construction as well.

4:00 – 5:00 – Steampunk Music: Jordan Block of Sepiachord, one of the leading steampunk musicologists in the world will talk about what he finds to be steampunk music.

Classes will run from Noon until 5:00 PM
The Store will be open from Noon until 6:00 PM
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Steampunk Exhibition Ball
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
12:32pm 25/01/2012
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society
*Steampunk Exhibition Ball*
January 28th at the Museum of History & Industry

There are four performances spaces this year. The main stage is in the Lava Beds Cabaret in the auditorium downstairs. The lineup includes:
*The Blackmoor Traveling Picture Show
*The Beehive Juggernauts
*Toy-Box Trio
*Twisted Monk
*La Petite Mort
*Randi Rascal
*Boom Boom L'Roux
*Fosse Jack

The Cabaret will also feature the final votes for the competitions. Our judges will select finalists from the attendees and the crowd will vote for our winners. Our categories: Most Impressive Beard and/or Moustache, Most Fabulous Hat, and Most Enticing Ensemble.

In addition to the Cabaret, DJ Eternal Darkness and DJ Dubonnet will be splitting their time between the 1880's Dance Hall (where the main stage was last year) and in the art gallery (near the photo booth.) The Waltzing Ballroom will feature The Retrospectacles with caller Sherry Nevins.

Tickets are on sale through Stranger Tickets: http://www.strangertickets.com/events/4130616/steampunk-exhibition-ball

A handful of volunteer positions left if you're interested in getting in free.
Steampunk Exhibition Ball | Stranger Tickets
Steampunk Exhibition Ball | Stranger Tickets
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Time Travelers' Rummage Sale! Sept 17th
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
12:24pm 14/09/2011
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society
Just in time to get your last minute costume accessories for Steamcon III, or your Halloween costume ~
the Time Travelers' Rummage Sale returns!

September 17th
Noon - 6:00 PM
All Pilgrims Church
500 Broadway East (lower level)
Seattle, WA

Admission is FREE!

and more!
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Best of Western Washington
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
09:16am 31/08/2011
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society
Go and vote for Steamcon as best local event!

click here to vote
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This Sunday!
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
02:33pm 23/08/2011
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society
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Steampunk Swapmeet (Seattle WA July 9th 2011)
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
11:15am 10/06/2011
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society
Looking for an outfit for Steamcon III?
Need the perfect accessory to finish your ensemble for the Abney Park concert that night?
Want advice on how to achieve a steampunk look?
Just love shopping?

Join us on Saturday July 9th!
Noon to 6:00 P. M.
All Pilgrim's Church (lower level)
500 Broadway East
Seattle, WA

Admission is free!

There will be:
and much more!

Merchants include:

Lucky Day Hats (It is her farewell event in Seattle!)
Steam Baby
Clockwork Beetle
Shamus Tinplate
and many more!

(Attention to potential merchants: You need to be signed up for a spot in advance. I already have a full list of people who have sold before, and I have a waiting list. You should private message me about space. DO NOT show up expecting to sell if you haven't talked to me!!!! There will not be room.)
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Steampunk Archetypes Book
 seattlesteam - (artvixn)
09:20am 20/04/2011
Diana posting in Seattle Steam Society
The other day, I was looking at all my photo files and thinking I really should do something fun with all these photos. I have spent so much time and energy creating different steampunk looks, maybe I should share them with others. So...

Announcing the release of my book "Steampunk Archetypes"! It's a petite 20 page book about finding your way into steampunk costuming through some general archetypes of the genre. Fully illustrated with color photographs of many of my steampunk costuming efforts. It's not a serious tome, it's just a little light hearted fun. After all, we're here for the fun, right?

The book is a Print-On-Demand book from Blurb and you can get it here.
I hope you'll check it out!

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got steampunk?
 seattlesteam - (no_human_intent)
10:34am 21/02/2011
no_human_intent posting in Seattle Steam Society

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